Why choose industrial fans for plant ventilation and cooling?


  Why choose industrial fans for plant ventilation […]


Why choose industrial fans for plant ventilation and cooling? What is the reason?

Summer is hot and dry, even after a few rains, it still looks sultry, as if the air is stagnant. Whether you are at home or working in a factory, you will feel warm and extremely intolerable. At this time, it is the turn of the ventilation and cooling equipment to show its abilities. Today's ventilation and cooling equipment are mainly industrial fans and air conditioners. The former are mostly used in families with superior conditions, and the latter are used in ordinary households and large factory workshops. So, why choose industrial fans for plant ventilation and cooling? Is there any reason for this?

   1. Good cooling effect

  The wider the factory building, the more it tests the performance of the ventilation and cooling equipment. It is more difficult to install central air-conditioning for ventilation and cooling in a large factory. This is because the central air-conditioning air supply area is relatively concentrated, it is difficult to take into account the wide space, and the air supply rate is low, and the effect is slow. At the same time, the power consumption of central air-conditioning is huge, which increases the additional economic expenditure of the factory and is not conducive to economic development.

  In contrast, industrial fans provide fast air supply and cover a wide area. Compared with central air conditioners, they can meet the needs of large-scale use in the plant, and the cooling and ventilation effect is more advantageous than traditional fan systems.

  In addition, industrial fans can increase the comfort of the human body while reducing the temperature of the factory. This is because the natural breeze generated by the industrial fan blows on the human body and promotes the evaporation of sweat to take away the heat, which cools the human body and brings a cool feeling. This can give the staff in the factory or workshop a comfortable and dry working environment, thereby driving away the unbearable heat of summer.

   2. The price is more affordable

   If you want to install central air-conditioning in the factory, you will need a very large expenditure. Central air conditioning is mainly composed of one or more cold and heat source systems and multiple air conditioning systems. The functional systems are mainly divided into water system, wind system and coil system. Regardless of the system, there are many components to be installed, which increases the installation cost and is not conducive to saving expenditure. At the same time, the central air conditioner consumes a lot of electricity, so the electricity bill is naturally higher, which is another big expenditure. Therefore, the cost-effectiveness of using central air-conditioning in the plant is not high.

The overall installation cost and operating cost of industrial fans are much lower than other products of the same type. This is because it is very convenient to install and saves the cost of drilling holes, even if it is used in some environments with a large plant area. Increasing the number of industrial fans will reduce the purchase cost a lot compared with central air conditioners and traditional fans. Therefore, high-quality and inexpensive industrial fans are cost-effective ventilation and cooling equipment.

   3.  The installation cycle is short

   No matter what kind of system of central air conditioner, there are many accessories and parts. For example, water-cooled central air conditioner contains four major components: compressor, condenser, throttling device and evaporator. The installation of these components is very cumbersome, troublesome, time-consuming and labor-intensive. Moreover, the larger the plant area, the more air-conditioning pipes are laid, which increases the installation workload, which takes a long time and is not conducive to use.

The installation cycle of industrial fans is relatively short compared with other cooling equipment, because the coverage area of ​​a fan is much larger than other types of cooling equipment, and it can achieve a large-scale and large-area omni-directional air flow effect. Industrial fans can be called A solution for ventilation and cooling of tall and wide spaces. Therefore, when installing large industrial fans in high and large spaces such as industrial plants and logistics warehouses, only a relatively small number of fans need to be installed to achieve a good cooling effect, which greatly shortens the installation period and facilitates workers to quickly use ventilation and cooling equipment.