Which industrial fan, fan or central air conditioner is more suitable for the plant


Many manufacturers have been having a headache-which of […]

Many manufacturers have been having a headache-which of industrial fans, fans and central air conditioners is more suitable for factories in summer? This problem is indeed a trouble for manufacturers who do not really understand industrial fans. Today, I will summarize the comparison of the installation area, cooling effect and price of industrial fans, fans and central air conditioners with professional knowledge, so that everyone can better decide who is more suitable for their own plant.

1. Installation area

First of all, in terms of installation area, to meet the cooling needs of a large area of ??the plant, 1. Central air conditioning will definitely not work, the number will be very large, the initial investment has made it difficult for many people to accept, if from a long-term perspective, central air conditioning The operating cost in the later period is astronomical; 2. The installation of traditional fan, fan and other ventilation equipment is not only complicated, but only has the effect of ventilation, and the cooling effect is not ideal; the single cooling area of ??the industrial energy-saving fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters can cover 1500 -2000 square meters, the air volume can reach 13600 cubic meters per minute, under the unified area, the number of industrial fans required is less!

2. Cooling effect

The effect of the central air conditioner is self-evident. If the enterprise is pursuing the effect, then the central air conditioner is a good choice, but usually enterprises rarely use central air conditioners in large areas in the plant, why? There is only one reason. Both the early investment and the late energy consumption are very large, and general enterprises will not choose; 2. Traditional fans, fans and other equipment only have the effect of ventilation, and the cooling effect is not obvious; 3. Industrial energy-saving fans , Can quickly reduce the human body temperature 4-6 ℃, and increase human comfort, and give employees a comfortable and dry working environment.

3. Price

If it is calculated according to the overall installation cost and operating cost, 1 central air conditioner can be directly passed; 2 fans are required to be drilled because of the troublesome installation, and if the area is too large, the number will increase correspondingly. Down, the cost will not be very low, but it is still very cost-effective compared to the central air conditioner; 3. However, although the single price of the industrial energy-saving fan will be higher, both the installation cost and the later operating cost are very low. In comparison, energy-saving and environmentally friendly industrial fans are the most cost-effective plant cooling equipment.