What must be paid attention to when applying industrial ceiling fans?


What must be paid attention to when applying industrial […]

What must be paid attention to when applying industrial ceiling fans?

  Industrial ceiling fan cooling, ventilation and cooling equipment undergoes extremely slow rotation of fan blades, and then promotes cyclone activity to generate continuous, three-dimensional circulating system wind. Large-scale industrial ceiling fans create the circulatory system wind, speed up the flow of surrounding gas, and promote the evaporation of sweat on the surface of our body, which will lead to heat generation. In this way, we are getting rid of the outdoors, and the temperature difference we feel is not big. .

   Before application every year, it is necessary to check whether the electric fan suspension machinery equipment is firm or not. The equipment industry ceiling fan is good to use the building steel hook in the ceiling cement prefabricated slab. If there is no building steel bar in the ceiling, use building steel with a diameter of 8 mm or less to lift. Don't try to save labor for a while. After applying multi-core thin iron wire strands Lifting, that is very risky. When installing industrial ceiling fans, please pay attention: the eraser wheel on the electric fan is used for shock absorption, so it is not necessary to discard it.

Industrial ceiling fans are used up and down a year, and each component of the electric fan, such as screw rods, screws, wiring seats, leaves, etc., is not loose or eroded, rusted, gaps, deformed, etc., and parts of the screw rods of industrial ceiling fans are connected. Is the location and lifting hooks firm, and the support is excellent? If any loose screws are tightened immediately, the damaged components must be replaced immediately. In addition, check the damage level of screws and shaft pins every 2 to three years. If the damage is not optimistic, replace it immediately.