What are the requirements for the use of cabinet centrifugal fans?


Cabinet centrifugal fans are ventilation equipment desi […]

Cabinet centrifugal fans are ventilation equipment designed to meet the air supply and exhaust requirements of various air conditioning systems. They are widely used in the ventilation and fire exhaust of civil buildings such as factory workshops, warehouses, laboratories, office buildings, stadiums, hotels, restaurants, etc. The smoke adopts belt-driven double-suction centrifugal fan, and the motor is installed externally to ensure that it can discharge high-temperature flue gas at 280 ℃, and it can also be used for usual ventilation. The cabinet has a double-layer structure with fireproof materials inside and a frame structure outside. And galvanized sheet, or wrinkle paint coating.

The main points that should be paid attention to when the cabinet centrifugal fan is running at low speed are these. We must use it reasonably and give full play to its ultra-high performance. Only in this way can we obtain better benefits. The cabinet-type centrifugal fan is composed of a low-noise forward-leaning multi-wing centrifugal fan, bearings, motors, transmission parts, and a sound-absorbing cabinet. The efficiency of the cabinet-type centrifugal fan is close to that of the back-bending wing-type centrifugal fan. When operating under variable conditions, especially in low-load areas, whether it is an oil fume exhaust fan with adjustable static blades or adjustable moving blades, it is more economical than a centrifugal fan regulated by an inlet axial flow deflector. The main parameters of the cabinet-type centrifugal fan are its working temperature, air volume, total pressure, efficiency, noise, motor power, speed and shaft power. When used, it should be allowed to work in a normal working environment, and must not be allowed to work in a harsh environment. Under normal circumstances, cabinet-type centrifugal fans can also be used for ventilation and exhaust ventilation in various places under low-speed operation.

Dual-use effect. Cabinet centrifugal fans can also easily change the number of blades and blade angles. The unit has a wide range of performance and can meet different needs of users. At the same time, the unit has good repairability and replacement.