What are the precautions for the application of axial fans?


Cooling fan-precautions for axial fan application Durin […]

Cooling fan-precautions for axial fan application

During the use of the axial flow fan, we want to ensure a good and long-lasting operation effect. During the whole process, we need to adjust the whole process of the axial flow fan, including the three important steps of debugging, operation, and maintenance. The main purpose of debugging is to find that the fan is in Problems that will occur during operation and solve them, but we need to pay attention to: when we debug only a small part of the time and there may be some problems that we did not find in the debugging, then in the subsequent use of the axial flow fan The process will be affected by these problems, so when the axial flow fan is in the commissioning stage, what problems should we pay attention to?

1. Is the rotation of the axial fan flexible?

2. Is there any stuck friction phenomenon in the blades of the axial flow fan?

3. Are there any tools and impurities in the fan and adjacent pipes?

When the above problems are not found during debugging, the axial flow fan can operate normally, and the use effect of the fan will be affected by pressure, air volume, power, etc., so how can the cooling fan play the maximum value under the established power supply? What? During the commissioning of the axial flow fan, we monitor the current of the motor. The load of the cooling fan is not the current. In the use of the cooling fan, we must pay more attention to the abnormal phenomenon of the fan. Once the cooling fan vibrates, abnormal noise or friction If the phenomenon is more serious, prompt feedback and resolution. General users wait for the cooling fan to strike directly before buying another one. In fact, we need to maintain and maintain the cooling fan when it is in use, so that the cooling fan can extend its life and maintain good heat dissipation during use.