What are the differences between industrial fans and traditional fans?


  The widespread use of industrial fans has brough […]


The widespread use of industrial fans has brought convenience to factories, so why are industrial fans so popular? What are the differences between them and traditional fans?

Advantages of industrial fans:


The large industrial fan adopts Belgian 7.3m blades. The perfect streamline allows users to enjoy the three-dimensional air supply of 1-3m/s, forming a natural breeze system;

Easy to use

Using the latest frequency conversion stepless speed control system, while being convenient to use, the user-friendly operation interface also allows you to enjoy the beauty of life through technology;

Beautiful and durable

The product has undergone complex surface treatment to avoid the pain of cleaning; large industrial fans have the highest cost performance, and the life of each fan can reach more than 10 years;

Energy saving

The perfect streamlined design and strict selection test can effectively cover an area of ​​more than 1,500 square meters, and the maximum power consumption is only 1.5KW, which is a model of energy saving.

Disadvantages of traditional fans:

1) High speed blows directly on the human body, causing many health problems;

2) It is easy to absorb dust in the air under high-speed operation, which is not easy to clean, and seriously affects the service life;

3) Very small coverage area and high energy consumption;

4) The use in industrial plants and tall venues affects the aesthetics of the workshops and venues.

5) It is extremely inconvenient to use and easy to cause safety problems.

The area covered by a WiMACO-XV with a diameter of 7.3M is approximately equal to that of 50 small fans of 0.75M. For example, in a 9,000 square meter factory building, to achieve full coverage, about 300 small fans are needed, while only 6 WIMACO-XV industrial energy-saving fans are needed. Based on 4 years of use, 8 months per year, 10 hours a day, a total of about 10,000 hours of operation, WIMACO-XV power consumption 90000KW·h, small fan 1080000KW·h, energy saving 990000KW·h, energy saving 92%!