What affect the price of the axial fan


The axial flow fan is consistent with the working princ […]

The axial flow fan is consistent with the working principle of the general household fan. The fan that flows in the axial direction is called an axial flow fan. The difference between the domestic fan and the axial flow fan is the wind pressure of the fan, and the working condition of the axial flow fan is generally The wind pressure is lower than 490Pa.

First, the composition of the axial flow fan:

The axial flow fan is mainly composed of a wind collector, an impeller, a front deflector, a rear deflector, a diffusion cylinder and an electric motor, and is composed of six parts. I will not introduce the structure of the product one by one. After all, these components must have its role and purpose.

Second, the material of the axial flow fan:

Different use conditions, will definitely use different materials, different materials, the cost of the product is not the same, this problem is easy to explain, carbon steel, stainless steel, FRP, aluminum alloy, high-strength steel, so Different materials will result in different costs for axial fans. Today, Jiuzhou Puhui Xiaobian mainly explains the types of carbon steel materials. The main components of axial flow fans in the use of carbon steel are wind collectors, impellers, front deflectors, rear deflectors, diffusion tubes, 5 large parts, these five parts are integrated and split type, the integrated material has low cost, but the processing complexity is high, the cost is higher than the split type processing; the split type material cost is high, because the material involved in the link increases However, the processing difficulty is weak, so the processing cost is lower than the integrated type. Whether it is integrated or split, the overall cost will not be much different, because the split assembly cost is slightly higher than the integrated type. Therefore, the difference in the basic structure is not obvious. Another problem is the choice of carbon steel material, normal material, secondary material, cold plate, hot plate, different materials, the price will have up and down.

Third, the motor used according to working conditions:

At present, I understand the working conditions of axial flow fans are generally divided into: general ventilation and ventilation ordinary motors; high temperature resistant motors; moisture-proof motors with wet conditions; explosion-proof motors under flammable and explosive conditions. There are mainly four major types, and there may be other types, but this talent is too shallow to learn about this kind of working condition.

Fourth, the main components of the axial fan:

There are many wind turbine manufacturers. The core technology lies in the blades. The blades are also called moving blades. It plays a decisive role in the structure of the fan. The size of the blades, the distortion of the blades, the thickness of the plates, and the size of the hubs are simple to understand: The area determines the amount of wind, and the speed of the speed determines the wind pressure of the fan. The higher the accuracy of each component of the axial flow fan, the lower the flow loss and the higher the efficiency.

Fifth, combined with the above three points, such a configuration determines the cost of the axial flow fan, the material of the casing; the type of the impeller, the power of the motor determines the sales price of the axial flow fan. Therefore, when selecting a fan manufacturer, you must clearly understand the manufacturer's production capacity and processing capacity as well as design and inspection capabilities. However, we can't just look at the price of the fan. Even if the same type of product, different manufacturers, processing methods and inspection methods are different, the cost will be relatively different. The industrial products sell the effect, not the price, the demand is far better than the price. important.