Types of HVAC Fan Systems


Types of HVAC Fan Systems There are several types of HV […]

Types of HVAC Fan Systems

There are several types of HVAC fan systems available and each system is used for a specific purpose. Types of HVAC fan and heaters include: Ventless blowers or vented fans. Duct fans or ventless. Induction fans or blowers.

Blowers with ducts work by using an impeller, which is a rotating shaft that is capable of rotating at a high rate of speed to move air through a duct system or into the cooling ducts of the home. The air flow through the impeller will be controlled by either adjusting the rotation speed or direction of the fan blade. Some fans have two blades, while others have three blades, while some may work on a single rotation but allow the fan blades to spin in an opposite direction.

The cost of the HVAC system will depend on whether or not it has ducts or not. Most ducts are made from stainless steel or some other material. They are able to withstand very high temperatures. There is no need to regularly maintain your HVAC system and in most instances there is no need to replace the blower. Some types of HVAC fan and heaters will require that certain parts be replaced every few years. Replacement parts can be purchased at a local hardware store or even online.