Types Of An HVAC Fan And Their Uses


Types Of An HVAC Fan And Their Uses HVAC (heating, vent […]

Types Of An HVAC Fan And Their Uses

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) fan is a device used to circulate air in large spaces. It helps in the efficient operation of heating and cooling systems by reducing external temperature variation. There are many types of fans available in the market. Some of the most popular ones are the axial and the rotary style fans.

AIXAL-axial static pressure fan, axial fan propeller, extender fan props, HVAC panel ventilation fan blades, and rotary fan blades. The axial fan is mainly utilized for the circulation of warehouse and workshop and other spaces such as chemical plants, laboratory, basement and others with high concentration of corrosive gases, inflammable and gaseous gases, . This type of fan has blades that are arranged in pairs perpendicular to the direction of movement and rotate in axial mode. These blades are made up of several copper, nickel and magnetized elements, which help in increasing the static pressure across the blades. The high static pressure makes it easier to draw cool air from the surrounding and push warm air out of the room.

Rotary fans with blades are also known as scroll fans. They use high-speed rotation that allows the fan to draw and store heat faster and also generate a considerable amount of cool air that helps in increasing the overall temperature. When using this type of fan, one must make sure to turn it on only when needed. If turned on continuously, it may lead to damage to the motor cover. Using a fan with a high speed rotation that is used continuously for a long period of time will also lead to a lot of heat generation and reduced efficiency.