The relationship between the switch volume of the fan inlet and the load


  The switch volume of the air inlet of the fan is […]


The switch volume of the air inlet of the fan is often completed by the air inlet damper. The air inlet damper controls the air inlet volume by manual or electric method. The size of the air inlet determines the load of the fan, which is also the fan unit. With the load of the motor.

Under normal circumstances, the fan, especially the fan whose medium is high temperature gas, is closed when the damper is started, and the air intake is close to zero. Due to the elements of the manufacturing technology, the damper is not completely closed, even if it is completely closed, a small amount of gas will enter. At this time, the motor meets the minimum, generally one-third of the rated current, followed by the gradual increase of the damper, that is, the switch of the air inlet becomes larger, the current of the motor will gradually rise, when the switch is the largest, the motor The load reaches the maximum. Of course, the motor current value of the maximum load is different for the fan of different nature. When the maximum load of the high pressure fan is exceeded, the motor current is higher than the rated current, and the current of the medium and low pressure fan is less than or equal to the rated current. The amount of switching of the air inlet of the fan is directly proportional to the load.