The difference between large industrial fans and conventional ceiling fans


     1. The difference in cooling effect    If you […]


   1. The difference in cooling effect

   If you use a conventional ceiling fan to cool down, although the cost is low, the radiation range is very small and it is not suitable for long-distance air supply. In addition, conventional ceiling fans usually use aluminum or iron fan blades, which blow directly on the human body, and the wind blows out is very hard and uncomfortable. In the sweltering and closed workshop environment, conventional ceiling fans simply cannot meet the ventilation and cooling requirements of the factory owner.

The    industrial big fan has a unique multi-fan airfoil blade, and its streamlined design allows users to enjoy a three-dimensional air supply, forming a natural breeze system. The large diameter of 7.3 meters makes it more efficient to push the wind and enhances the comfort of the human body. Every use is a pleasant experience.

  2. The difference in ventilation performance

  In the rainy season, the factory building is usually humid. The water vapor exhaled by the human body or the vapor and moisture generated by some machines will accumulate indoors. In addition, the closed plant environment is prone to bacteria, and machinery, equipment and staff will also be affected in such an environment. Conventional ceiling fans have limited radiant area and limited wind power and cannot achieve ventilation effects.

The natural wind generated by the rotation of large industrial fans can promote the air flow in the entire space. The unpleasant smoke and humidity in the room, and the flowing air can quickly exchange with the outdoor air through doors and windows or house fans, thereby improving indoor air quality and achieving purification The purpose of air, dehumidification and moisture removal.

  3. The difference in safety

   Although it may seem simple and economical to install ordinary ceiling fans on the roof and oscillating fans at the workstations, the circuits of the oscillating fans at multiple workstations are complicated, which affects the flow of people and objects in the plant, and poses a certain degree of safety hazards.

Compared with traditional household ceiling fans, NorthGlass industrial large fans use arc-shaped ceiling slots, which can greatly adjust the angle of the extension pole to ensure that the fan is vertically downward, avoid vibration and centrifugal force being transmitted to the building, increase safety, and prevent any parts from falling off. , Escort the safety of employees!