Safety protection measures and precautions for large industrial fans


Safety protection measures and precautions for large in […]

Safety protection measures and precautions for large industrial fans

Now more and more factories or places with relatively large spaces will choose large industrial fans, which have replaced part of the air conditioners. What follows is the safety of large industrial fans, what is the safety performance, and what are the main sources of danger? Some questions and confusions, such as emergency accident handling, etc., will be answered below on the safety protection of large industrial fans and some of the above questions.

   Safety protection measures for large industrial fans
  1. Safety ring: play a protective role in the event of an accident and prevent any parts from slipping;

  2. The fan blade L-shaped safety ring: prevent the blade from breaking and falling separately, and reconnect all the fan blades together in two to form a whole structure;

        3. Fasteners: All fasteners are up to 8.8 grade high-strength industrial bolts, and the actual stress is more than 10 times. At the same time, it cooperates with Ruitaifeng fastening glue for anti-loosening protection, and installs anti-loosing self-locking nuts and tooth-shaped anti-dropping pad;
  4. Steel wire traction: The stress strength of each steel wire cable can reach 1000KG, and each connection point is equipped with multiple protections to prevent the fan from shaking due to external forces;
  5. The fan and the building structure are connected by a universal joint to reduce the transmission of vibration and displacement to the building structure;

   6. The fan hub unit is provided with an anti-drop structure;
  7. Install a steel wire safety rope between the mounting bracket and the steel beam to prevent accidental falling off;
   8. The frequency conversion control system automatically alarms and stops when an accident occurs;