Safety precautions to be paid attention to for efficient industrial ceiling fans


  In the hot summer, the temperature is high in la […]


In the hot summer, the temperature is high in large industrial plants, and the ventilation is not good, and the heat dissipation is not very good. People who work in this environment for a long time will feel uncomfortable, and their work efficiency will be greatly reduced. Will faint. The cost of cooling the air conditioner is amazing. The use of light industrial ceiling fans and air conditioners can fully mix the indoor air. If some air conditioners are turned off, the unit will save a lot of power. The skill is at least 25%. Of course, industrial ceiling fans can improve this phenomenon. The temperature in the plant is reduced, the ventilation situation can also be improved, and the work efficiency can also be improved. Strong environment ventilation, cool in spring and autumn, comfortable in summer and winter, once invested, benefit for life.

The leaf diameter of the large industrial ceiling fan is up to 7.3 meters. Because it is a hanging type, it can solve the space for placement. The range of the wind is also wide. It can cover 1600 square meters, the speed of 50rpm is relatively low, environmental protection, energy saving, stable performance, giving The hot workshop in summer brought a trace of coolness. The installation of large industrial fans is relatively simple, the lubrication performance is relatively good, the service life is long, the quality of the parts is relatively good, and there is almost no need to replace the parts. The decoration of large industrial fans is relatively firm, it is not easy to fall, and it is very safe. However, there must be corresponding safety precautions during use.

1. The main source of danger

   The cause and process of the danger are likely to cause accidents.

   1. The insulation performance of industrial ceiling fans does not meet the requirements, and no protective measures have been taken, resulting in electrical leakage. This situation may cause electric shock.

   2. The industrial ceiling fan has not been repaired in time, and the insulation resistance has not been measured regularly, resulting in insulation damage and personnel touching the live parts. This situation may also cause electric shock.

   3. The protective net cover of the industrial ceiling fan is damaged or the mesh hole is too large. People accidentally enter the net cover with the rotating fan blades. This situation generally leads to mechanical injury.

   4. Illegal operation in flammable and explosive places, sparks or static electricity are generated. This situation generally causes an explosion or fire.

2. Emergency treatment of accidents.

   1. It is found that the industrial ceiling fan has loose installation, displacement, and the casing is electrified. The industrial ceiling fan should be turned off immediately and reported for repair.

   2. In case of danger of personal electric shock, the power switch should be turned off immediately to rescue the electric shock, and the accident scene should be protected.

   3. In case of mechanical injury, treatment such as bandaging and hemostasis should be performed immediately to prevent infection; serious cases should be treated immediately in hospital.