Large industrial ceiling fans slow down


The super-large energy-saving fan can push a large amou […]

The super-large energy-saving fan can push a large amount of airflow to the ground, forming a certain level of airflow horizontal movement on the ground, thereby promoting the overall air circulation; such benefits are all-round ground coverage and three-dimensional air circulation.

In the hot summer, large industrial ceiling fans play an incomparable role in our lives. However, the large ceiling fans will fail after a period of use. The most obvious is that the speed of the ceiling fan becomes slower. There are many reasons for the slow speed of the ceiling fan, but there are four main reasons for the summary.

1. The governor is broken

If it is a new purchase, it may be that the ceiling fan governor is broken.

2. Bearing lack of oil

If the fan bearing is short of oil, you can add some oil (you have to use butter). If it is a short-circuit between turns, the motor will overheat, and you need to rewind. If the bearing is faulty, you can listen to the sound. If the bearing is faulty, you must call a professional maintenance person to repair it.

3. Decrease in capacitance

Most household appliances are powered by single-phase power, but electrical appliances with motors must be powered by two or more phases. What should I do? The designer has long thought about it. In a single-phase circuit, connect a large parallel Capacitor, because the large capacitor has a hysteresis effect on the current for the AC power supply (the circuit with a capacitor is 90 degrees after the circuit current without the capacitor), so that the original one-phase input becomes two-phase, the motor can work normally . The household appliances we use (single-phase) are based on this principle.

Capacitance value becomes smaller or oil-less friction or short circuit between turns, capacitance value becomes smaller, the capacitance value can be appropriately increased, but not too large, otherwise the motor temperature will increase, affecting the life of the motor. This is a synchronous motor.The speed is determined by the frequency of the power supply.If there is no 100-page rotation, the blade is also 100-rpm.If you install more leaves, the load is too heavy, the motor cannot start, and the spring repeatedly helps start up.

In addition, the slow speed is not necessarily a problem of the capacitor and the bearing. The capacitor is to ensure that the fan can rotate in accordance with the pre-rotation direction. Check if the fan blades are deformed, and the reduced wind surface will affect the air volume. Also check whether the governor is not in good contact, so that the gear is in the low gear position.