Introduction to the advantages of industrial fans and installation


Large fans occupies an unparalleled advantage in ventil […]

Large fans occupies an unparalleled advantage in ventilation equipment

HVLS is the English abbreviation of "low speed, high air volume", and "super fan" is a major invention in the field of industrial ventilation in the new era. NorthGlass "WMC" industrial fan is derived from the excellence and meticulous design and integration of precision It is built with meticulous manufacturing process, strict inspection and meticulous quality control methods, and it is cost-effective.

Traditional industrial fans often use the high-speed rotation of fan blades to produce high-speed airflow that blows over the surface of the human body, causing rapid evaporation of body surface liquid to create a cooling effect, but after a long time of blowing, we usually have a feeling of hotness. And its radiation area is very small, when there are people moving, the small fan shows its limitations. The WMC super fan is the opposite. It drives a large amount of air through a large area through the slow rotation of super large blades, generating super large and gentle low-speed natural breeze in all directions, continuously blowing the moisture layer on the body surface, and effectively promoting body surface evaporation. So as to give people the best cool feeling. Through the evaporation effect produced by the super large fan, the human body can feel the temperature drop effect of 3℃-5℃ in the covered large space area, effectively solving the ventilation problem of the tall space

Industrial energy-saving large fans are easy to install and have exceptional service life

Industrial energy-saving fans are becoming more and more common on the market. This product is not only energy-saving and electricity-saving, but also easy to install. We have dedicated installation service personnel and a complete after-sales process to give users an efficient and comfortable customer service experience. Industrial energy-saving fans can be installed in outdoor cafes, outdoor restaurants, bars and other places where the temperature needs to be reduced. The humidification, ventilation, cooling, dust removal, and elimination of static electricity in cotton spinning, wool spinning, linen and other textile workshops; cooling and removing static electricity in farms, livestock and poultry houses Odor and disinfection; dusty places such as mining areas and civil construction sites; moisturizing and cooling of greenhouses, flower cultivation, and fungus cultivation rooms; spraying, cooling, and mosquito repellent in outdoor leisure squares, sports fields, open-air barbecues, beer houses and other places ; Tobacco, printing, processing and other industries need higher humidity production workshops; by adding disinfectants, flavoring agents, deodorants, etc. to the water tank, the perfect effect of fresh air can be achieved.

Aluminum alloy has high mechanical properties and good casting properties, that is, high strength, good toughness and good fluidity, air tightness and thermal crack resistance, and can cast high-strength castings with complex shapes. It is suitable for various casting methods, used in high-strength and high-quality casting, to manufacture parts that bear high loads such as aircraft and missile bunker bodies.