What is the difference between a variable frequency motor and a servo motor?


Servo motor, the main difference between it and the inv […]

Servo motor, the main difference between it and the inverter motor is its own encoder, and then transmitted to the servo motor driver, and then use control theory, such as gain, adjust the time, simply say that the servo motor is a closed loop The control system, as well as quick start, fast stop, and load capacity are better than variable frequency motors. With these characteristics, the speed, torque and position control modes are created. For occasions with higher requirements, more applications are applied. .

1. The working principle of servo motor and inverter plus ordinary AC motor is basically the same. It belongs to AC-DC voltage type motor driver, but the technical index requirements are different, so there is a big difference in motor and driver design. 2. The servo system is mainly used in applications such as fast tracking, ultra-wide speed range, precise positioning, ultra-low speed and large torque, such as precision CNC machine tools, high-speed packaging machines, high-end textiles, packaging and printing machinery, and other related industries. . The main technical indicators are: the transient torque should reach 2.5-3 times the rated torque, the speed range should exceed 1:2000-10000, the encoder must be used as the speed and position feedback, in order to ensure the parking positioning, the motor has its own brake. There are two kinds of servo motors: DC motor and AC motor. DC servo is a special DC motor, but the application of AC permanent magnet synchronous motor has been dominant. Mainly in the small and medium power (several hundred watts - dozens of KW), the excellent performance also brings the disadvantage of high price. Therefore, its application surface is affected. However, with the gradual decline in the price of servo systems and the upgrading of equipment, more and more servos will be applied to all walks of life. From the function point of view, the servo function is mainly: 1, speed control 2, torque control 3, position control (including positioning and tracking). From the control point of view, the servo is generally a three-ring system: the outer ring position ring, and the inner ring is the speed and current loop in turn.

main feature:

The frequency conversion dedicated motor has the following characteristics:

Class B temperature rise design, Class F insulation manufacturing. The use of polymer insulation materials and vacuum pressure dipping paint manufacturing process and the use of special insulation structure, the electrical windings are greatly improved in insulation withstand voltage and mechanical strength, which is sufficient for high-speed operation of the motor and resistance to high-frequency current surge and voltage of the inverter Damage to insulation.

The balance quality is high, the vibration level is R grade (downstage) mechanical parts have high processing precision, and special high-precision bearings are used to operate at high speed.

Forced ventilation and cooling system, all adopt imported axial flow fan, ultra-quiet, high life and strong wind. The motor is effectively cooled at any speed and can be operated at high speed or low speed for a long time.

Compared with the traditional variable frequency motor, the YP series motor designed by AMCAD software has a wider speed range and higher design quality. The special magnetic field design further suppresses the higher harmonic magnetic field to meet the broadband and energy saving. Low noise design indicators. It has a wide range of constant torque and power speed regulation characteristics, stable speed regulation and no torque ripple.

It has good parameter matching with all kinds of frequency converters, and with vector control, it can realize zero-speed full torque, low-frequency large torque and high-precision speed control, position control and fast dynamic response control. YP series frequency conversion special motor can be equipped with brakes and encoders, so that precise parking can be obtained, and high-precision speed control can be realized by closed-loop speed control.

Adopt "reducer + frequency conversion special motor + encoder + inverter" to achieve precise control of ultra-low speed stepless speed regulation. The YP series frequency conversion special motor has good versatility, and its installation size conforms to the IEC standard, and is interchangeable with the general standard type motor.