How to clean large ceiling fans in commercial service areas?


How to clean large ceiling fans in commercial service a […]

How to clean large ceiling fans in commercial service areas?

Large-scale ceiling fans are used in many high-end commercial service places. Naturally ventilated machines and equipment for physical and mental health are used. In the hot summer, they can cooperate with central air-conditioning to achieve a reasonable cooling effect, and it can also promote a large group flow rate. The indoor ventilation and the filthy vapor are exhausted. So how to clean up large ceiling fans for commercial service sites with higher regulations?

  Before the cleaning of large ceiling fans, we must carry out preparations for the cleaning of electric fans. Appropriate lifting machinery and equipment, such as lifting platforms, must be allocated, and then communicate with site technicians to allocate appropriate cleaning time. Secondly, we must also understand and understand the structure, characteristics, and air intake system of the electric fan. In the full preparation work, prepare the special tools required for cleaning the large ceiling fan, and various cleaning agents required for cleaning.

   When cleaning large ceiling fans, we must carry out initial washing, fine washing, and fine washing. The key to initial washing is to remove the old vegetable grease, stains and paint marks on the machinery and equipment. The old vegetable grease and stains are generally scraped off with aluminum or metal sheets, bamboo strips, etc., which can be shoveled on the surface of the pre-processed surface, and the paint on the surface of the deep-processed surface. Traces can be cleaned up with organic solvents.

   Generally, we will use cleaning, soaking, cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and other cleaning methods. Carry out the cleaning of some small components that are generally suitable for electric fans. Cleaning is a way to use cleaning equipment to spray cleaning agents with a certain working pressure to clean up. It is suitable for cleaning heavy stains and semi-solid oil stains. Ultrasonic cleaning room is an excellent cleaning method, which can achieve good cleaning results, high efficiency, and very suitable for cleaning smaller parts.

The cleaning of large ceiling fans is necessary to increase the service life of electric fans and improve the efficiency of operation, especially in public places where commercial services that value well-known brands and brand images. Large ceiling fans must be removed on time to ensure the clean appearance of electric fans.