How to choose a cooling fan


When it comes to choosing a cooling fan, many people mu […]

When it comes to choosing a cooling fan, many people must have a headache. Although the cooling fan looks very simple, there are still a lot of knowledge in the design. This leads many people to hesitate to choose a cooling fan.

Cooling fan: an electrical appliance used for heat dissipation. "No matter in our daily life or in various industries, we can almost find its shadow. Simple structural design and cheap price make it also play a very important role in the entire DIY industry. However, facing the market With a wide range of fans with various functions, how should we choose?

Before choosing a fan, players need to think about a question: "Do I need a fan?". Take the non-water cooling solution as an example. In the computers we use every day, in addition to fans such as CPU and power supply (except for high-end passive cooling), do we need to add chassis fans to enhance the heat dissipation capacity of our computers?

If your computer often has "restarts, alarms, and crashes" due to high temperature, and the above conditions are alleviated after opening the side panel, then you can solve the above problems by adding a chassis fan . However, the seemingly simple structure of the fan will bring about completely different effects in the design of the type, size, etc. If the selection is not appropriate, it will also cause the loss of the gain.