How much is a large cooling industrial fan?


Large-scale industrial fans generally refer to large-sc […]

Large-scale industrial fans generally refer to large-scale fans, which are mainly used in factory buildings, warehouses, and large-scale storage centers. They are designed through the principles of air convection and negative pressure ventilation. They are installed in poorly ventilated places, which can block the plant. Heavy heat, peculiar smell, black smoke, and dirty air are quickly exhausted to the outside in the shortest time, so that the indoor temperature is reduced to the same as the outdoor temperature, but it can feel cooler than the outdoor. After the use of industrial exhaust fans, it can make the air Pneumatically, the number of air changes per hour can reach 60~120, which can create a smooth, fresh air, outstanding and comfortable working environment for you, thoroughly improve indoor sultry, peculiar smell, smoke, dirty air and other questions, and improve overall working power , Make every worker more healthy.

There are many brands of this kind of industrial fans, and the prices vary greatly. The specific ones have to be determined according to the brand and the overall material. It has high mechanical properties and good casting properties, that is, high strength, good toughness and good fluidity, air tightness and thermal crack resistance. It can cast high-strength castings with complex shapes and is suitable for Various casting methods are used for high-strength and high-quality casting to manufacture parts that bear high loads such as aircraft and missile cabin bodies.

The part that matches the motor shaft is made of 45# steel forgings that are first processed by CNC lathes into corresponding structures, then nested and cast together, and finally processed by a machining center. It not only ensures the overall weight of the wheel hub, and ensures that the accuracy tolerance of each part is within 100um, but also solves the problem of material strength at the matching part of the motor shaft.

After processing and forming, each wheel hub will undergo precise dynamic balance testing to ensure that the large fan rotor has good balance performance and at the same time improve the safety of the fan.