How does logistics warehousing leave large industrial energy-saving fans


  There is no feasible solution to the problems of […]


There is no feasible solution to the problems of high-space industrial plants or logistics warehouses such as summer ventilation, sultry environment, and air circulation problems. Because of the high cost of equipment and daily use, installing air conditioners is not a viable solution. The cooling of water curtains, station air conditioners and roofing insulation materials have not been adopted on a large scale because of their poor effect and high cost. At present, the seemingly simple and economical solution is to install a shaking head fan on the wall and place the shaking head fan in the station, but the disadvantage is that this type of fan is fragile, has a short service life, consumes more power, and is affected by the placement of air conditioners everywhere The logistics personnel in the workshop are flowing smoothly, and there is a potential risk of electric shock.

At present, the state and society are paying more and more attention to the basic rights of industrial workers. Workers 'requirements for the working environment are also increasing. It is difficult to recruit workers, and the loss of workers has become the norm. In a sultry environment, workers' work efficiency is low and error-prone. Therefore, improving the working comfort of workers in the hot summer season is an issue that must be considered by the company and its management.

In view of the storage and ventilation problems in the logistics industry, our company has developed large-scale industrial energy-saving fans, which can completely make up for the defects of the above schemes, and can also be environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

The powerful air agitation ability keeps the indoor air in a large space flowing continuously, improves the sultry feeling, and improves comfort. Keep your employees completely away from the sultry work environment.