Equipment and methods for ventilation and cooling of workshops


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For companies developing in industrial real estate, the cooling of the plant in the summer has always been a problem that has always plagued them. When the plant is heated up, the working mood of employees may be very impetuous, leading to various problems such as low work efficiency. Now some people are concerned about the plant. Ventilation and cooling may still be poorly understood, and I don't know much about it. Let me explain to you the equipment and methods of ventilation and cooling in the factory.
   1. The ventilation and cooling method of the workshop

  1, natural cooling

  Natural methods include spraying water on the workshop floor and opening windows for ventilation. At present, some enterprise workshops directly purchase large ice cubes to achieve the purpose of cooling the workshops. In addition, scaffolds can be built on the top or around the workshop to plant rattan plants; or trees can be planted around the workshop to block sunlight. However, the above-mentioned natural methods have slow results, and the effect is not obvious. They can only block the sunlight and cannot absorb the heat generated inside the workshop.

  2, equipment cooling
  The equipment cooling method mainly uses direct cooling equipment and ventilation cooling equipment to achieve the purpose of plant cooling. Direct cooling equipment includes air conditioners, wet curtains, etc.; ventilation cooling equipment is mainly various ventilators and fans.

   2. Ventilation and cooling equipment of the workshop

  1, large-scale industrial fan ventilation and exhaust air cooling

   uses large-scale industrial fans to operate to cool down. Its products include electric fans, fans, axial fans, centrifugal fans, etc., which are characterized by low price, easy installation, and obvious ventilation effects.

  2, negative pressure fan wet curtain ventilation cooling air conditioning system

   said it is a refrigeration air conditioner, but it is not actually an air conditioner, but the effect is better than that of air conditioner. The principle adopted is negative pressure fan water curtain water evaporative refrigeration. Its products include water curtain wall + negative pressure fan type negative pressure exhaust and water curtain fan (commonly known as environmentally friendly air conditioner). These two types of products are characterized by low investment, the purchase cost only needs 1/4 of the air conditioner, the operating cost is low, only 1/8 of the air conditioner, and the installation is simple (factory employees can maintain it by themselves). The most important thing is the effect. it is good. The indoor temperature can generally drop to 5-10 degrees, and the temperature in the workshop can be basically kept within 30 degrees in the hot summer. At the same time, maintaining ventilation is the current cooling method adopted by most factories. Many factories in the Pearl River Delta have adopted this cooling ventilation method. The market prospect is good. The negative pressure wet curtain ventilation cooling system may become the mainstream of factory cooling.

  3, evaporative air cooler to cool down

  The principle is to use evaporative water cooling air to cool down. Products include environmentally friendly air conditioners, mobile environmentally friendly air conditioners and industrial air coolers, such as environmentally friendly air conditioners. The cooling effect of the plant is good, but the investment cost is low, the operating cost is low, the amount of fresh air generated is more, and the air quality is good. This type of plant cooling equipment generally requires professional maintenance and is suitable for solving the problem of large-scale factory production workshops such as plants. The problem of plant cooling.
   3. The ventilation and cooling effect of the workshop

   1. Lower the temperature and protect employees

   Enterprise employees who work in a high temperature environment for a long time actually have potential health risks, especially some occupational diseases are related to long-term work in a high temperature environment. The function of installing the ventilation and cooling equipment in the workshop is to reduce the temperature in the workshop and protect the health of the employees, so that the employees can be more engaged in work and improve the production efficiency of the enterprise.

  2. Control temperature and increase output

The quality of products manufactured in many industries is actually linked to the ambient temperature. Some products may be less sensitive to the temperature range, so the temperature is not too demanding in the usual manufacturing process, but for some more precise For products, a slight deviation in temperature may affect the quality of the product. Therefore, the ventilation and cooling equipment installed in the workshop can play a role in controlling the temperature of the workshop, and then use more sophisticated instruments to control the temperature between the communities, thereby comprehensively improving the yield of the company's products.

   3. Standard control, beautiful and safe
Integrity and reliability of plant cooling and ventilation equipment are generally installed on the top of the workshop. This installation method saves floor space. On the one hand, employees no longer need to use small floor fans to cool down. On the other hand, many companies are now implementing "6S" management. The more standardized control on the ground also makes the company's "6S" management more effective, and the entire workshop is more beautiful and safer.

   4. Construction opinions that are conducive to ventilation and cooling of the plant

         1. Please consider the issue of active ventilation when planning and designing. It is recommended not to install a wind bulb, and if a negative pressure fan with active exhaust is installed on the roof and a wind bulb is installed, part of the air will directly enter the factory building from the wind bulb. Exhausted by the negative pressure fan, it will form an air "short circuit", resulting in a waste of resources.

  2. If the workshop office is to be designed in the plant, please design it at both ends of the plant, not on both sides, that is to say, the office design is on the short side of the plant. If it must be designed on the long side, the height of the workshop office should not be too high to keep the ventilation windows on the outer wall of the office. This is very important, so please keep in mind.

  3. When designing active ventilation equipment, it is recommended not to choose a traditional circular ventilator, but a square, large exhaust volume negative pressure fan with rain-proof louvers. The square negative pressure fan is easy to install, and the square, slightly lighter, thinner structure is very suitable for installation on the channel steel in the workshop.