Energy-saving methods for large industrial ceiling fans


Energy-saving methods for large industrial ceiling fans […]

Energy-saving methods for large industrial ceiling fans

  The power consumption of large industrial ceiling fans is related to the output power of the industrial fan itself. Buy high-quality and solid large industrial ceiling fans. The output power of the ceiling fan is different, so the power consumption is also different. It is not too difficult to save power for industrial fans.

Large industrial ceiling fan

  The installation location of large industrial ceiling fans. When applied, the large industrial fans should be placed around doors and windows, which is conducive to indoor ventilation, improves the actual effect of temperature reduction, reduces use time, and reduces power consumption. Reasonably use large industrial ceiling fans in mid-speed or slow-speed. As far as the application of large industrial fans is concerned, large industrial fans with large fan blades generally have a large rated power and consume more electromagnetic energy. Fast and slow transmissions of the same electric fan The power consumption of the electric fan is 40% apart. Therefore, the fast gear is usually turned on first, and the slow gear is used after the cool down, which can reduce the power consumption of the electric fan. Under the condition that the exhaust air volume considers the application regulations, the medium gear or the slow gear should be applied as much as possible.

Large-scale industrial ceiling fans are used together with central air-conditioning. Because industrial fans can immediately convert electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy, the power consumption is extremely low. The high power is only 60W, which is equal to the power consumption of small desk lamps of general lighting fixtures, thus saving resources. From the perspective of this, there is no doubt that the hot summer application industry fan is the best choice. When industrial fans are used together with central air conditioners, the indoor temperature is set at 26°C to 28°C, which saves electricity and is cost-effective.

   Large-scale industrial ceiling fan maintenance, usually pay attention to the maintenance of large-scale industrial ceiling fans, maintain its excellent characteristics, prevent fan blade deformation, vibration and other conditions, so that it is also beneficial to the conservation of electromagnetic energy to a certain level.