Cooling principle of large industrial ceiling fan


A large industrial fan is a large industrial fan with a […]

A large industrial fan is a large industrial fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters. The area blown by the fan is directly related to the diameter of the fan. The large industrial fan covers a large area, is easy to clean, and solves the problems of large noise and large energy consumption. The blown wind resembles the natural breeze system, which is the best cooling feeling of human skin. The air volume is 1-3m/s, and the employees can feel the temperature difference of 5-8 degrees, so that the employees can have a comfortable work in the hot summer. Environment, thereby improving production efficiency.

The working principle of the large industrial ceiling fan is that it can push a large amount of airflow to the ground, forming a certain level of horizontal movement of the airflow layer on the ground, thereby promoting the overall air circulation; such benefits are all-round ground coverage and three-dimensional air circulation.

Large industrial ceiling fan technology is a series of products specially developed for energy saving and consumption reduction, and improving the comfort of the working environment. As we all know, the cool and comfortable effect is not only achieved by cooling and cooling; the area of ??the fan blowing also depends on the diameter of the fan, and has nothing to do with the speed of the fan, and the industrial fan of low speed and large diameter combines these characteristics.

The wind speed generated by the "big fan" is about 2-3 meters per second, which is completely calculated based on the amount of air flowing through the human skin to produce the best cooling feeling. Too strong airflow will make people feel hot and dry, there is a kind of wind The feeling of direct blowing, too high wind speed will also make people dizzy, only through the organic combination of the volatilization of the body surface and the breeze speed, can beautify the cool feeling of the human body.