Application of axial flow fan in flat warehouse


In recent years, new types of grain storage equipment h […]

In recent years, new types of grain storage equipment have emerged in an endless stream. However, axial flow fans have been favored by the majority of storage units for their high air volume and low energy consumption, especially in large flat warehouses.

Due to the different proportions of grain and light impurities, the mobile axial fan is used for cleaning. The history of wind selection and removal can be described as a long history, with many ways and methods. It is only necessary to set up an axial fan at the conveyor. The amount of air volume is adjusted by the distance between the moving axial fan and the material, which can effectively achieve the purpose of cleaning. The advantages of this: saving people, labor saving, energy saving, does not affect the continuity of the operation, the disadvantage is that the dust is large.

After the new grain warehouse, the grain surface is leveled in time, the temperature measuring cable is buried, and the normal storage stage is entered. Ventilation is very important before the entire warehouse is closed for two reasons:

1, the temperature difference of the grain layer: large warehouse warehouse capacity, long people's warehouse, batch grain temperature is not the same, there is a temperature difference.

2, grain moisture difference: because the same batch of grain in the same warehouse is the same warehouse, the same variety, but the origin, warehousing time, moisture, impurities, etc., plus the long time of the human warehousing, there is damp heat in the grain heap Accumulation, these will bring certain hidden dangers to the storage work.

In general, the requirements and technical parameters of ventilation during this period should meet the requirements of the Technical Specifications for Grain and Oil Storage. It is best to use the grain cooler for initial cooling. In order to save costs, the axial flow fan can also be ventilated without requiring low temperature storage, and it is simple and easy, but the ventilation time and atmospheric parameters are strict.

(Valley cold machine first cold, even temperature effect is better)

During this period, through a short period of ventilation, two purposes can be achieved: one is to balance the temperature of the warehouse and the wetness of the warehouse, which can effectively prevent local condensation and heat, and lay a good start for the next storage; second, timely discover the inside of the grain pile. The problem, after ventilation, can detect the high temperature point in time through the microcomputer test, timely check and timely treatment, so as to avoid leaving hidden dangers.

Advantages and disadvantages of axial flow fans

The effect of the wide application of the axial flow fan in the large flat warehouse is compared with that of the centrifugal fan. The advantages are mainly as follows: 1. Easy installation and flexible operation. 2, low energy consumption, on the premise of achieving the same effect, the energy saving effect is considerable. 3. After the grain is cooled, the grain temperature basically does not rebound, and the recovery is slow. Especially with intermittent ventilation, the effect is more obvious. 4, easy to combine with other ways of ventilation.

Despite this, the axial flow fan has its shortcomings. First, the ventilation time is long and the wind pressure is small. Especially in the limited effective ventilation days in the south, the disadvantages are very obvious. Second: relatively speaking, its air volume and pressure are small, and it is impossible to deal with large-area heat in time.