Centrifugal fans need to pay attention to the details


Centrifugal fans have gradually become equipment that c […]

Centrifugal fans have gradually become equipment that cannot be ignored in our life and production. After years of development and improvement, the role of centrifugal fans has been generally accepted and used. The effect of centrifugal fans is also a concern of many people.

Today, I collected some detailed questions about the installation and maintenance of centrifugal fans and let us know about the details of centrifugal fans. Today we have listed six aspects, hoping to bring effective effects to users.

The first is the installation of centrifugal fans, there are three points worth noting.

First, when the fan is connected to the foundation joint surface and the inlet and outlet air pipes, they should be adjusted to fit naturally, and must not be forcibly connected. Never allow the weight of the air pipe to concentrate on the casing, so as to prevent the casing from deforming and affecting normal operation. The inlet and outlet air pipes of the fan should be connected with hoses, and pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan.

Second, when installing the fan, you should first check whether the parts are firmly connected, whether the rotation is flexible, etc., and check whether there is any debris in the casing. After the installation is completed, check whether there are installation tools left in the fan, otherwise It will affect the normal use of the fan, and even threaten the performance of the fan.

Third, after the installation is completed, the test operation can only be carried out after all parts are normal. During trial operation, the current must be strictly controlled and the rated value must not be exceeded. In order to prevent the motor from being burnt due to overload, it must be carried out without load when the fan is started and tested. If the condition is good, gradually open the valve to the specified working condition. After installation, try to rotate the impeller to check whether it is flexible, and adjust it in time if it is found to be inappropriate.

Next are three issues that need to be paid attention to during the maintenance phase of the centrifugal fan.

First, regularly remove the dust inside the fan, especially the dust, dirt and other impurities on the impeller to prevent corrosion and imbalance.

Second, the maintenance of wind turbines must emphasize the first stop of power failure. Except that the lubricant should be replaced after each disassembly and repair, the lubricant should be replaced every 3-6 months under normal circumstances.

Third, once the fan is found to have problems, it must be shut down immediately and cannot run until the repair is completed.