Key points for the selection of centrifugal fans


The choice of centrifugal fan model is a critical step […]

The choice of centrifugal fan model is a critical step in the turbine production process, but many people do not know how to choose. To select a type, first determine the flow, pressure, and density of the gas. This is the three elements of the centrifugal fan selection process.

Gas density

If the density is not given, the density of the working gas should be calculated or converted according to the operating conditions of the fan, such as altitude, local atmospheric pressure, operating temperature, and gas density.

2. Gas pressure

According to the given or calculated working condition density, the working condition pressure is converted into the pressure under the standard state of the fan. If the fan has an air box or a muffler, the pressure loss should be considered. It can be calculated or estimated, and the estimated loss is generally between 100 and 300 Pa.

3. Gas flow

If the system requires mass flow of gas, it is necessary to convert the gas mass flow into the volume flow under the standard state of the fan. If the volume flow rate of the gas is required by the system, the volume flow rate under the standard state of the fan is the same as the volume flow rate under the working condition.

Selection method of centrifugal fan 2:

1, can be distinguished according to different levels of fans, ordinary centrifugal fans are usually divided into high pressure, medium pressure, low pressure three

High pressure means that the pressure is greater than 2500Pa, medium pressure means between 1000Pa and 2500Pa, and low pressure means less than 1000Pa. We can use it in different industries according to its pressure. The power consumption of fans with different pressures will be large and small, so we have to consider many aspects when choosing.

2, the size and weight of the centrifugal fan

Due to the different uses, the location of the installation is different, which requires a choice based on local usage. When the size is the same, select a fan with high efficiency and light weight, and select a fan with a small size and light weight under the same efficiency. If the fan can be adjusted in the same situation, the more suitable the fan is.

3. Reference index of safety factor of centrifugal fan

In this case, we have to measure the air volume, wind pressure and error and loss of the fan. Most of the current air volume is 1-1.2, and the wind pressure is 1-1.3. Because the safety factor is too large, the centrifugal fan runs in the low-efficiency zone for a long time, which causes waste and increase of energy.